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Potpourri from a Purple Soul

Top 50 Soap Actresses of All Time - pt 1

Top 50 Soap Actresses of All Time - pt 1

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Art, Purple
Recently, We Love Soaps (http://www.welovesoaps.net) posted their listing of the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time. As a soap viewer of over 30 years - I have watched at one time or another most every soap within that time frame. I agree with many (most) of their inclusions, but I often disagree with the order of their rankings. So during many of those late nights when I couldn't sleep, I came up with my own list. (I have a list of men too... so keep watching!)

So I will begin to count them down for you here. Today we will start with those listed 50 - 41 on my list.

41. Charita Bauer - Most noted for her roll of Bert Bauer on Guiding Light from 1950 - 1985, Charita was the glue that held Guiding Light together for many years.

42. Linda Dano - Linda Dana has been all over the soap landscape, but it's hard to forget her wonderful portrayal of Felicia Gallant on Another World.

43. Louise Shaffer - Louise Shaffer portrayed Rae Woodard on Ryan's Hope. (She was on many other soaps as well - and also worked as a soap writer.)

44. Brenda Benet - Brenda Benet played the scheming Lee Dumond on Days of our Lives. Sadly, Brenda had many personal demons, and committed suicide in 1982.

45. Tina Sloan - Tina's soap career goes back to her days on Somerset in the 1970's, but she is best remembered for her wonderful portrayal of Lillian Raines on Guiding Light, which she played from 1983 until the show's cancellation in 2009.

46. Maree Cheatham - Maree is one of those actresses who career has spanned many soaps. My favorite roles include Marie Horton on Days of our Lives, wacky Charlene Simpson on General Hospital, and the sassy Stephanie Wilkins on Search for Tomorrow.

47. Sherry Mathis - The late Sherry Mathis may be best known for her long-standing broadway career, but to me she will always be Lisa Sentel on Search for Tomorrow.

48. Judith Chapman - Many may argue with me on listing Judith Chapman so low on the list, as she has had a long successful career on daytime - where she currently plays Gloria Fisher on Young and Restless, but as an actress she never really captured that spirit of character for me personally.

49. Melody Thomas Scott - Melody has played the role of Nikki Newman on Young and Restless since 1979. Sadly, she is often under-utilized on Y&R.

50. Lauren Koslow - Lauren Koslow has appeared on many soaps, but currently plays the wonderfully wicked Kate Roberts on Days of our Lives.
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