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I'm an East Coast Connecticut girl who moved to Southern California in 2002. Have been a successful working graphic designer for nearly 20 years now (print and web). Designer and webmaster for numerous websites (check out my work portfolio...), very active (okay.... extremely active) in the Connecticut State Grange (even tho I'm in Sunny SoCal!), was on the Hosting Committee for the National Grange 2008 Convention which was held in Connecticut this past November, and was formerly Entertainment Coordinator for the Connecticut Agricultural Fair. I have an extensive background in public relations and marketing as well. I've been very active in community service over the years. Attended Castleton State College in Vermont where I graduated with my degree in Communications (Journalism) and Art. Was the editor of "The Spartan" newspaper while in college (wow... that's a lifetime ago!), and was on WIUV as a DJ and News Director too. I was involved in WAY too many things to list here while in college. My guilty pleasure is General Hospital - and has been since the 70's. I like hockey (watching not playing) and am a fan of the Hartford Wolfpack (AHL), LA Kings and NY Rangers (NHL). Favorite players include Derek Armstrong, Terry Virtue and Jason Labarbera. I have a love of music and collecting CDs. My tastes are wide and varied - from new age and instrumental to pop to rock to metal to techno to punk!